Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blog Post 16 " The Final One"

Krissy Venosdale's description of her school in one word, expensive. The school she wants to build would be an amazing school. It would have all the technology in it and resources that a student would need to succeed. I would love to go to a school like that. Krissy seems like a reader to me. Everyone builds things around things they love. She spoke about nooks, and comfy seats, and also a tree house. These things are all somewhere I would go to catch up on some good reading. I love how this is all about the students and their learning to her.

Sugata Mitra is a great speaker. He really got me thinking about what are we doing with our lives and technology. He does think that the way we do school right now, is outdated and need a change, but look at me right now. I am doing my homework and school work, in my room, and I do not have to even get up.
My classroom will be different. We are in the 21st century right now. I do not have one class that I go into that someone does not pull out their laptop to view notes, study homework, or just surf the web. I hope my classroom never really gets to that. I have no problem with students using there products to help, but some class just does not need them. I will be teaching High School Health education. This is a class that a student should learn about their body type and how to live a healthy life. I decided to become a health teacher, because I did not more and more people to think that as long as I go out and play dodge ball or table tennis, that they are healthy. I believe in getting up and getting active. What do I want my students to know? I would love for my students to leave my class each time knowing a little more about their body, and what they can do to live a long and healthy life. what do I want my students to do? I want my students to be able to walk around the school without feeling like they are going to pass out. I also want my students to be able to choose for themselves a healthy choice of food for lunch or for their snack. what will be my primary way of teaching my students what I want them to know and do? I would start off by making myself a prime example. It would not prove anything to tell students to eat healthy and take care of their bodies if I did not do the same. I would also let them know that I am always there for any questions or concerns. One thing that always helps me, is to set goals. I can set a goal for the whole class that way everyone can help everyone, like a group project. what tools will I use in my classroom? I could use a BMI machine. This device tells what the percentage of fat is on your body. We could also use our on bodies. health is all about the body so locating muscles and bones and being able to see or feel them would be helpful. what role will students play in my classroom? My students will play a huge role. they will do 90% of the work in the class. I believe that hands on work is the best way to learn. We can stare at our teacher all day long, and not learn a thing , but as soon as we stand up and start really thinking about where our hamstring is that is when school is not just boring school, things get fun!
That was my first blog post for this class. Myself as a person has changed since the beginning of the semester, but the way I want to teach my class has not. I still believe that the students should do 90% of the work in the class. Some classes I understand homework and reading ahead, but my passion is health. I strongly believe that is something you have to learn hands on. I still want my students to be interested in what I have to say, realize that it is their body and their health we are talking about. When my students come to class because they have to is when I will know I have failed at my goal. How will my classroom be like now? Well, it will be just the same as I have always wanted it. I will not change the way I want my classroom to be like even later on down the road. I classroom will be energetic, fun, and inspiring. I want to inspire my students to learn on their own.