Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blog Post #4

Podcasting is an interesting new way to put a twist on just writing a paper or blog. A podcast can make things more exciting. I think podcast would work great for elementary children. A young child could have a short attention span, and will get tired of reading over and over again. If the class reads a story then does a podcast on it, it helps the children to enjoy the story better. Plus, they are looking forward to participating in something fun! The podcast can also help with skills such as listening, speaking, presenting, and even technology.
The first video i listen to was "Podcasting with 1st Graders". The children did a podcast on a book they read in class, "Vacation Under the Volcano". I could hear all the different children in the podcast, and they were all unique.I could tell they worked really hard.
The second podcast listen to was the "Flat Stanley Podcast". The children did their podcast on the children story Flat Stanley. The children picked a place they would like to visit, and had to bring information on the place to class. On the podcast the children were mailed off to the place of their choosing. This podcast helped the children learn about different places of the world. It also gave them a chance to travel without even leaving the classroom. The third video i watched was " Listening-Comprehension podcasting". The students were learning about the story of Purim. They were taught a couple phrases from the Hebrew language to say during the podcasting. This is great that the students get to learn something so unique. They might not ever use this again, but they will never forget that in second grade they learned Hebrew. I believe podcast are great! they make things so interesting for the students, and I can not wait to start using them with my own students.


  1. Hey Samantha. I agree that podcast would make learning at the elementary level more fun and interesting. Working in groups makes assignments fun for kids and teaches them what a team can accomplish. Great blog!

  2. Hey Samantha, this is Javious Williams. I liked your Blog Post about Podcasts, I also agree that podcasting is a interesting new way to get kids excited about writing. I think you did a great job on your blog post but there were a few errors. Nothing major, just be sure to proofread before you publish your post. Also you need to add a ALT and tittle modifers to your pictures and provide a link on your blog post where you got your information from so that other people could go check it out as well. Overall you did a great job and I can tell that you found podcasts just as interesting as I did.