Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blog Post # 7

By: Samantha West, Javious Williams, and Orlando Nieto
Group Blog

The videos for blog post number seven was anything but boring. We found that the project based videos were quite interesting. Watching the videos was like being able to watch a radio station morning show. Anthony Capps had a great description of Project Based Learning. We could also tell that he was interested and excited about being able to do the projects with his students. We found the project were the children had to research and learn about Iraq the most interesting. Mr. Capps actually let a student change his topic because a parent did not like the other topic. That shows that the teacher is willing to work with the parents and that they are not just by standards. Mr. Capps could really teach other teachers on what should be going on in the classrooms. His students are learning creatively and in their own way. When a student learns in Project Based form he or she can use the information for the rest of their lives other than just for the test. To have a teacher like him is what every parents wishes for at the beginning of the year.

Samantha West
Anthony-Strange tips for teachers list

The many tips that I was giving were really good tips. I knew they were going to be before I even watched the video because I had two really good teachers who was doing the video. The first tip was that you have to be willing to learn. This is so true. You can never expect your students to learn anything new if you yourself are not. Showing your students that you are interested in a new fact lets them see that they are just the students but you are too. The second tip is that you have to learn to be flexible. So the internet is down on lab day, is the whole class period ruined? NO, be flexible, be creative, and above all do not be boring! The third tip was that being a teacher is hard work, but it is worth it. This tip I already knew! I know that the work is never really done when it comes to being a teacher, but the reward is so much greater. Always start with an end goal in mind. What a great tip! If you never think things through more than likely things are not going to work out correctly. Also, if you set a class goal to reach by the end of the year or semester, the students are more interested in what you have to say and are excited about upcoming projects.


  1. Great post! Anthony Capps sure did have a ton of great information for us all. Being a teacher is hard work; I agree with you there. I am obviously not a real teacher yet but I work wit young kids during the week and its very hard. Also, thinking things through before just saying them is great advice. I will take what I have learned with me when I become a teacher. Keep up the good work!

  2. This applies to your personal part of this post.
    "...two really good teachers who was doing..." were, not was

    You covered 3 out of the 6 (maybe 7) tips we offered. What about the rest?