Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Post 8

Envision Education
Envision Schools' focus is on helping the students to master their academic, and also be able to apply their knowledge to other situations. A good example of this is Project Based Learning, which I find highly educational. I would use Project based learning in my classroom of high schoolers because when it comes to projects it does not matter how old the child is they will still enjoy it. I want to be a high school teacher. I believe a good project for Seniors might be a type of internship at a job which they are going to school to be. This would not only give employers some extra helping hands, it would give the students a chance to get hands on and decide if this is the career they really want to go into. Being able to solve real world problems is just as important than knowing all the facts about the world.

The Flipped Classroom
Samantha West

The flipped classroom is by far my favorite out of the ordinary class. "Why I Flipped My Classroom" explains the concept well. I have always thought that breaking the class into smaller groups would benefit the whole class. This is an activity you can do with any age group. The students learn some before they even come into the classroom. It is their responsibility to watch the videos the teacher makes in advance for them. This is helpful for the teachers as well because it shows them who care and who does not. I will break my students into groups such as this because I believe that closer one on one time is better. Dr. Lodge McCammon developed "Fizz" the flipped classroom, and he teaches the other teachers about the information so that all teachers can use this system. The Flipped Classroom could work in any type of class. I believe it could work even as a coach. In football we see different positions do different workouts. We are just taking this basic concept and putting it into the classrooms.


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    You consider these tools? I guess that might be correct.

  2. Hi Samantha, I think you made some valid points on both of your topics. The first being, an internship for high school seniors. It would be great for them to know what they are getting into before they actually do it. The other valid point you made concerning the flipp classrooms was on point.I also think that this system allows the students to come to class prepared to ask and answer questions. However Samantha, I need to offer a little constructive criticism. I think that you had quite a few run on sentences. In the future, try to keep a watch on that please. Good work.


  3. Hi Samantha, I enjoyed reading your post. I do agree with flipping a classroom. It provides a way for students to interact with each other as well as learn from one another. However, some of your sentences could have been combine into one. You forgot to put your links in the post to reference back to thoughts about the topic. Good work and ideas.